XV St. Petersburg International Festival of Debut Films "Beginning"

Lenfilm Studios


21-24. 11. 2016


Full list of selected films for the short competitions!

Debut short film Competition

Fiction Films

  1. Curtain Callers by Ann-Sofi Siden, Jonathan Bepler
  2. Ana by Mirona Radu
  3. Bandits by Antoin Giorgini
  4. Buenos Aires by Daniel Gil Suarez
  5. Into The Tunnel by Sergio Roman
  6. Love at First Sight by Mark Playne
  7. Safe by Byounggon MOON
  8. Skin by Jordana Spiro
  9. The adventure of married couple by Keywan Karimi
  10. The Butter Lampe  by Hu Wei
  11. The Cement Mixer by Liviu Sandulescu
  12. The Companion by Alvaro Delgado Aparicio
  13. Uncle Seref and his Shadow by Bugra Dedeoglu
  14. You Can't Do Everything At Once, But You Can Leave Everything At Once by Marie-Elsa Sgualdo

Documentary Films

  1. American Capitalism. A Self-Portrait. by Thibault Le Texier 
  2. Bitter Honey by Aynur Askarov
  3. Emperors Toys by Tomasz Godfryd, Jarosław Moździerz, Joanna Rusinek, Joanna Wójcik, Grzegorz Wierzchowski 
  4. My house without me by Magdalena Szymków
  5. Semalu by Jimmy Hendrickx

Animation Films

  1. Albert by Csaba Bardos
  2. Beerbug by Ander Mendia
  3. City by Andrei Tokindang, Dzianis Mizhui
  4. Ed by Gabriel Garcia 
  5. In The Beginning of Time by Bozidar Trkulja
  6. Noise of the World by Coke Rioboo
  7. On The Wing by Vera Myakisheva
  8. The Blood by Velislava Gospodinova 
  9. The Railway Watchman by Piotr Szczepanowicz
  10. Winter has come by Vasiliy Shlychkov

Student short film Competition

Fiction Films

  1. Anger  by Mihail Kulunakov
  2. Battleheart by Tomasz Matuszczak
  3. Beware the dogs by Migul Chandran
  4. Birdie by Ewa Kochanska
  5. Cebu by Pablo Belaubre
  6. Court  by Dekel Nitzan
  7. Diary of Young Doctor by Ruslan Pestov
  8. Early Birds by Jeroen Bogaerts 
  9. Echo by Marcin Filipowicz
  10. Familiar strangers by Eugeniy Nedelku
  11. Fertile Land by Daniel Mejia
  12. How to say goodbye by Ulla Heikkila
  13. Journey with hand luggage by Arek Biedrzycki
  14. Miruna by Piotr Sulkowski
  15. Newborn by Vinsent Le Port
  16. On Violence by August Engholm Aabo
  17. Seagull by Elisaveta Stishova 
  18. Simulacrum by Nicolas Torchinsky
  19. Tadhib by Raquel Bedia
  20. The Beast by Jean-Jacques Martinod
  21. The Deer by Remi St-Michel
  22. The Earth stops by Nicolas Diego
  23. To war we go  by Krzysztof Kasior
  24. Waiting for the Thaw by Sarah Hirtt
  25. White horse by Sergey Solovyov

Documentary Films

  1. Alekhines Defence by Vadim Viner
  2. Dream girl by Oliver Schwarz
  3. Epecuen by Verena Kuri and Sofia Brockenshire
  4. Exit Point by Jogoda Szelc
  5. King of Pumpkins by Kirsten Guynet
  6. More than ice-cream Wong Kwong by Riley Leung
  7. On the Hook by Darya Orhan
  8. Soliloquy by Magda Dragan
  9. Straight with you  by Daan Bol
  10. The Forest by Daniel Kvitko 
  11. The Love Agency by Martina Carlstedt
  12. The Whistle by Grzegorz Zariczny 
  13. Vagabond par excellence by Anne Lahtinen

Animation Films

  1. Chili con carne by Philippe Rolland
  2. Daisy by Marie-Aimée Rabourdin
  3. Full moon by Cervaise Zeline
  4. Last autumn by Sofiya Ilieva
  5. M.O. by Jakub Kouril
  6. Pandas by Matus Vizar
  7. Projekt K-9 by Francisco J. Cabrera, Alicia Esteban, Elsa Esteban, Juan E. Forero, Victoria González, Adrián Parra, Iria Salgado, Pablo Serrano, Huijun Shen
  8. Life and death of the Great Rasputin by Celine Devaux
  9. Refusal by Dominik Urban 
  10. Rondo by Artur Kordas
  11. Sisters by Lea Vidakovic
  12. Steven and the Bettle by Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc
  13. The Bungled Child by Simon Filliot
  14. The Butcher by Boris Laprade, Fabien Masson, Stephanie Grard, Theo Girettes
  15. The Heart of Stromboli by Tobias Deicke
  16. The Revenger by Grigori Zurkan
  17. The gifit Li by Ana Caro
  18. Trapped by Alexandr Dietrich, Johannes Flick

Special 5-minute Fiction Film Competition

  1. B-Day by Olaf Held, Karl Hagen-Stotzer
  2. Eat by Moritz Kramer
  3. Fortune Faded by Alexander Heringer 
  4. Lament by Archie Short 
  5. One of You by Ivan Sekach
  6. Studies Hysteria by Gabriel Borgetto, Bernd Faass, Matthias Bauerfe
  7. What Remains by Liv Schrabalke

CINE-PARALLEL non-competition program

  1. A knock on the Door by Eliran Elya
  2. A Milkshake at Gina's by Florian Ross
  3. Chamber music by Julia Kowalski  
  4. Controlled by Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt
  5. Debt by Eugeniy Tatarov
  6. Deer Valya by Djalil Rizvanov
  7. Dry Stalks by Aleksey Zamorckii
  8. Duet by Navid Danesh
  9. First Newton's Law by Piero Messina
  10. Folium by Tamirlan Sembekov
  11. Fundamentum by Margus Raid
  12. Gogel by Yoav Genut
  13. Journey by Pavel Ganin
  14. Manhood by Jonathan Gelvan
  15. Momo by Teodor Kuhn
  16. Olena by Elzbieta Benkowska
  17. Oslo by Luis Donas 
  18. Outside by Greta Stanciauskaite
  19. Paperbox by Zbigniew Czapla
  20. Perspire by Carmen Martinez
  21. Rogalik by Pawel Ziemilski
  22. Sadness Dark Beast by Florian Berutti
  23. Sunday, we will see by Sophie B Jacques
  24. Tango in three spaces and three characters by Strahinja Savic
  25. The Black Mirror by Lillah Halla
  26. The Brook by Radmila Kononova
  27. The boy who was afraid of nothing by Anastasia Lobkovski
  28. The Cities of My Youth by Moshe Rosenthal
  29. The Count by Adel Oberto
  30. The Duel by Juan Guerci
  31. The Erl King by Daniela Lindner
  32. The Last Piper by Iain Forbes
  33. The norm of life by Eugeniy Byalo
  34. The other side by Nataliya Moguel
  35. The Predictable Life Of Sebastian by Dávur Djurhuus
  36. The Salt Boulder by Eliza Muresan
  37. The Umbrella by Nour Ouayda
  38. The Wallet by Andrey Makarchenko
  39. Watermelon by Tato Kotetishvili
  40. Why not to kill a fly by Farhad Alizadeh

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